Volunteer & Staff

Amardeep Kaur


Amardeep Kaur is working as facilitator with Punjabi Cultural Group Epping running under Oorja Foundation. She has Masters in Punjabi (language & literature) from India and Diploma Qualified in Early Childhood and Education in Australia. She has inherent passion in work for public speaking and facilitation as she worked as an Announcer and Drama artist on All India Radio, Jalandhar (Punjabi Section) in India. Through my theatre activities she is trying to spread awareness among my community people on some major social issues (Female feticide, dowry, family violence, gender equality) from last 20 years. She has an excellent understanding of factors effecting community growth in new culture.

She is working as Program Producer for one of Online Community radio and in the show she discusses some major social, cultural and political issues to aware people and invite audience from the community to take part. She has strong cultural knowledge and understanding of my community as working with community radios she is connected with various sports, cultural and religious societies and clubs to support them by media coverage on Radio and News papers. Her goal is to work on the factors effecting community growth in multicultural societies and aware people on important social issues through social interactions and developing community programs.

At Present she is an active member of Sikh Cultural Society of Victoria and 3ZZZ Community Radio Melbourne and also serving at Harman Radio Australia as a broadcaster.

Judgebir Singh


Judgebir is one of the facilitators at the Oorja Foundation Punjabi Group in Epping. He is born in India and is living in (Epping) Melbourne for last 10 years. He holds masters in Business Management and Masters in Enterprise Resource Planning systems and Graduation in Electronic Engineering. He used to be an athlete during his college and has performed Bhangra on republic day parade in india. Since last 7 years he is working as an entrepreneur and running a mix of businesses.

Roop Sidhu


Roop is one of the facilitators at the Oorja Foundation Punjabi Cultural Group in Epping. She aims to get involved with like minded people to empower women, mentor the kids in traditional folk-lore. She loves to write poetry, specially for kids in her mother tongue Punjabi.

Ronak Adalja


Ronak is a facilitator at Oorja Foundation. She has completed Master of Public Health and a bachelor's degree in dentistry. She currently works as a freelance Oral Health Promotion Facilitator. She is also a volunteer with Dianella Health in their Population Health team and Mental Health and Counselling team.

Her previous experience as a Consulting Dental Surgeon and an Oral Health Promoter in regional India has made her passionate about empowering the community. Ronak aims to strengthen and develop a network of support around the community members in the form of community participation, for their betterment and good quality life. Her key work areas are Community Development and Health Promotion.

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