The Indian Punjabi Community, comprising mainly Sikhs and Hindus, has expanded rapidly in the Northern, South-Eastern and Western suburbs of Melbourne, along with areas of regional Victoria. At present over 31,000 Punjabi speakers reside in Victoria, with a great many settling in the suburbs of Craigieburn, Broadmeadows, Epping and Reservoir.

The Punjabi community settling in Hume has faced many resettlement challenges. Domestic violence is prevalent within the community, as well as depression amongst victims. More than 80% of this group are first generation migrants, many of whom feel isolated, even from others within the community. They are unaware of or feel uncomfortable accessing mainstream services for the first time or are of the belief that mainstream services are not for them. Thus, victims are not accessing services when in need.

Oorja Foundation has identified a huge need for community members be educated on issues such as gender-based discrimination, age-based discrimination, physical health and lifestyle factors and the services that could assist them. Unfortunately, mainstream services which aim to address these issues within the broader community - services which include our project partners Hume City Council, Broadmeadows Community Legal Services, Victoria Police, Lentara Uniting Care and Dianella Community Health

Men’s Group

Its an ongoing dance workshop space for men to meet over the traditional dance and develop strong bindings in a new establishing community.

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